Fall 2016 - Professor Kate Poirier

Review of “Is Technology a silver bullet for language teaching and learning?”

Overall the main idea of this article was using technology in classrooms to teach language. It demonstrated both the pros and cons of involving technology in the classroom. The pros of using technology when teaching language is that there will a variety of different teaching styles in the classroom, more independence among the students and as well as getting students to get more involved with others. As Ellie Paull stated, “they add another string to my bow as a way of presenting new information and checking their understanding.”Although these pros seem to be very convincing to prove that technology is a good tool to be used, but there are some cons as well. By using technology as big a part of your lesson you’re going to deal with a lot distractions,  as well as setting up the technology tools, and sometimes even help explain how to use it. These technical difficulties might take away from the main objective.

Now my opinion about technology being used in classrooms can go both ways. I do believe that technology should be more involved in classrooms. As I see it, everything around is becoming more of using technology rather than the old style. Getting students to get more of early hands on is great, as long as it can be balanced out with the main objective.

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  1. Kate Poirier

    Hi Evelin. I agree, we can’t avoid technology in the classroom but we have to balance it with the main objective. Something that stood out to me in your review is that the technology allows students more independence. Certainly, students move at different paces on different topics and it’s great to find a way to use technology so that every student can keep moving forward at his or her own pace.

    I’m curious if you learned about what particular technologies are being used to teach language. Does it seem very different from the technologies being used to teach math? I imagine there would be some overlap either in the technologies or in the way they’re being used!

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