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Rivka Ligier – Test 3 Review – Chap 8.4 Example 1

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Rivka Ligier Test #2 Review: 11.4 #15

Use the depth-first search to produce a spanning tree the given sample graph. Choose a as the root of this spanning tree and assume the vertices are ordered alphabetically. Excuse my horrible drawing 🙂  

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Test #1 Review – Rivka Ligier Section 3.1 Ex: 24

Question: Describe an algorithm that determines whether a function from a finite set to another finite set is one-to-one Code/Algorithm: Procedure one-to-one([A=(a1,a2,a3, …], [B= b1, b2, b3 …] : integers) for i = 1 to m k = 0 (counter variable) … Continue reading

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Introducing Rivka Ligier

My major is Computer Science. I developed this interest during my last semester of high school when I took a web development class provided by an organization called ScriptEd. I now work for them 🙂 I hope to become a … Continue reading

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