Introducing Rivka Ligier

My major is Computer Science. I developed this interest during my last semester of high school when I took a web development class provided by an organization called ScriptEd. I now work for them 🙂

I hope to become a software developer and perhaps later on move in databases and motion graphics (one of my interests).  I am really into start-ups just because they’re more laid back compared to bigger companies (Google .. ). Larger companies tend to be more bureaucratic .


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  1. Kate Poirier says:

    Hi Rivka, it’s cool that you’re already getting work experience under your belt. I have a few friends who are software engineers who have worked for small startups and for huge companies. It sounds like very different experiences at each, but I think they both have their advantages. For example, at a startup you’ll probably work very very hard and learn a wide variety of things, while at a larger company you’ll probably work very very hard and learn your specialty very very well. If I were to dispense advice about something I haven’t experienced myself, I’d say: try both versions during your career!

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