Final Exam Review – OpenLab assignment

As announced in class today, your final OpenLab assignment is to create your own final exam and post it. You may make up questions yourself or you may copy them from

  • previous tests
  • homework and quizzes
  • practice problems

The format for your actual final exam will be similar to the formats of your previous tests. Try to choose questions that cover a wide variety of topics. Try to choose questions of varying levels of difficulty. (One common mistake students make when studying is avoiding harder questions; so don’t forget to include some hard ones!) Most of the questions you’ve seen in class are appropriate exam questions; longer problems aren’t as long as they might seem if you’re not solving them for the first time.

You’re welcome to include questions you don’t already know how to solve, but you should at least try to solve them before Monday’s class. You’ll be invited to share your solutions after Monday’s class. Don’t forget to add the category Final Exam Review from the right-hand-side of the screen.

Your post is due by Monday, May 23 at 7:59am (right before class starts). As announced in class today, May 23’s class is officially a “review” class, but I will not prepare anything. My plan is to address any questions that have popped up in your studying that you have issues with. We’ll look at everyone’s exams as a group and address questions that pop up then too. Please come prepared to discuss specifics that day.

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3 Responses to Final Exam Review – OpenLab assignment

  1. Eric says:

    Hey Prof,
    This is cumulative right? Also should we post the solutions, or should we leave the practice exam we create blank?

    • Kate Poirier says:

      Hi Eric. Certainly. The final exam could cover anything from the whole semester, so your practice exam should too. Initially, leave the practice exam blank so that others get the chance to practice with it. Since you’ll be taking your own practice exam *anyway* to prepare for the final exam, then after (or even during) next Monday’s class, you are welcome to post your solutions, but it’s not mandatory. Though…I’m sure your classmates would appreciate it if you did!

  2. Rivka Ligier says:

    About how many questions should we post?

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