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Grades are official!

Your official grades have been submitted to the registrar. You can now see grades for all items in Blackboard’s Gradebook, including grades for individual components of your project. Parts 1(a), 1(b), and 1(c) are each out of 10; Part 2 … Continue reading

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Hints/reminders from today’s class

As announced in class today… There were be fewer questions on the final than on the term tests. Each of the questions will be somewhat involved; some have two parts and some have three or four. The more involved or … Continue reading

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Mergesort in python

Professor Thiel will be covering our class next week while I’m away. Not all of you may know python, but it’s pretty easy to read even if you don’t know it. Professor Thiel has typed up mergesort in python and … Continue reading

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Upcoming important dates

Monday, May 16: Project due by 11:59pm (via email) Wednesday, May 18: Quiz #10/HW #10 due Monday, May 23: OpenLab Final Exam Review assignment due by 7:59am Wednesday, May 25: Final exam day!!!

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Homework due and quiz #10 – Wednesday, May 18

5.1 #6, 18 5.2 #4, #12

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Final Exam Review – OpenLab assignment

As announced in class today, your final OpenLab assignment is to create your own final exam and post it. You may make up questions yourself or you may copy them from previous tests homework and quizzes practice problems The format … Continue reading

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Upcoming important dates

This Wednesday, May 4: Homework #9 due/Quiz #9 This Friday, May 6: Test #3 Review OpenLab Assignment due by 11:59pm (same instructions as for Test #1 Review) Next Monday, May 9: Test #3 on Sections 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, and 8.4 … Continue reading

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Project due May 16

You may work alone or in groups of at most 2. The project has 3 parts. Part 1 (30%): Run an algorithm on an input set You are given a fragment of pseudocode below which describes an algorithm. (a) The pseudocode below … Continue reading

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Homework due and quiz #9 – Wednesday, May 4

8.3 #14, 15, 16 8.4 #2, 4, 8, 10, 12 It might not be immediately obvious because the wording is a little different, but the exercises from 8.4 are similar to the examples we saw in class today. If it’s … Continue reading

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Merge and mergesort

Head’s up: after Wednesday’s quiz, we’ll use the master theorem to determine a big-O estimate for the complexity of the mergesort algorithm. Today you and your partner implemented the merge algorithm on the ordered sets of numbers that you chose. … Continue reading

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