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  1. Kate Poirier says:

    Hi Javier. It looks like you and Benjamin chose the same question, so you can take a look at his post too. I think you’ve got some inequalities going in the wrong direction. For example, you have “if smll \leq b_i then smll := b_i” but probably you only want to reassign smll when your b_i is less than it.

    I’d also switch from non-strict inequalities (\geq and \leq) to non-strict ones (> and <). This might not make a difference here, but the strict inequalities work to solve this problem, and are less likely to cause confusion. (Try to save the non-strict ones for when you really need them.)

    Finally, I initially missed your assignment convention but I'm glad you made it explicit. On the test, PLEASE use := for assignment and = for equality.

  2. Javier says:

    I see what you are saying about my inequalities Professor…horrible habit since I am also doing the mistake in my Real Analysis course. Hence the > and < are stronger statements.

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