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Fitzpatrick Phillips

Occupation: General Project manager

Fitzpatrick was the directing the course the ship of planned obsolescence took. He was the general project manager, he over looked each and every aspect of the project. His main task was the compiling of the research data. After we had all found our sources and completed our summaries he analyzed them and compact them into what would be the meat of our research. Fitzpatrick is in the Computer System technology program and plans to specialize in the database aspect of the field.

Carlos Oreza

Occupation: Designer & manager of project website and public service announcement

Carlos was the designer of the project website and the creation of the public service announcement. He was responsible for the transcribing the information from the finding to a website and user friendly format. He was also responsible for creating the public service announcement and making sure that it accurately conveyed the view point of the group. Carlos is in the Computer Systems Technology program and plans to specialize in the network and security aspect of the field.

Fabrice Douillard

Occupation: Designer & manager of presentation

Fabrice was the manager and designer for the presentation material and medium used. He was responsible for creating a Prezi presentation that reflected the ideas and stands of the group towards planned obsolescence.  He also had to ensure that the presentation he created represented the finding yielded from the research of the group. Fabrice is in the Computer Systems Technology program and has not yet decided what aspect of the field in which her prefers to specialize in. stay tuned to find out.

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