What is Planned Obsolescence?

Planned obsolescence is the planning of the termination of a device or object from its constructions or inception stage. In other words the life cycle that is given to something by the producing companies after which that good becomes out of style, unproductive, or unusable.

How does the concept of planned obsolescence affect the cellphone industry one may ask? here is the answer =]

As technology advances the planned obsolescence factor becomes ever more eminent and strong in the cellphone industry. A certain phone may be released to the public, then three or six months after a second version of that same phone with minor adjustments or addition is released to the public. The new release is now the one everyone should have or “needs” which is not that much better then the first and is significantly more expensive then the first version.

Planned obsolescence is used by companies in the cellphone industry with the justification that they are trying to advance their products in order to provide the consumer with the best product possible as well as stimulate the economy by having more money pumped into it as consumers spend on this new cellular phones. But is that really what they are doing specially when they companies produce cellphone devices faster than the consumer can process? By the time the users are comfortable and know their way around the first version of a phone significantly well another one has come out and it`s time to go back to square one.

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