How does it effect you?

How many times have you updated your perfectly good working phone for the newer model?

the answer to that question is exactly how planned obsolesce affects you. In today`s fast pace technological advancing society consumers find them self`s spending on new phones which are the newer versions of the phone they already have or on the new phone that is currently trending. by following this pattern of action the consumers are emphasizing that its completely fine to replace a perfectly good working phone for a newer version that isn’t significantly improved or for a new phone that is the equivalent to their current phone but might be trending or in style.

In following such patterns of action the consumers are no longer in control of their spending and purchases but at the mercy of the over powering companies. Which impose there products and tremendously high pricing for them. Individuals experience social pressure from those around them who already have the latest cellphone trend which causes others to go out and buy it as well in order not to feel out dated. Overall individuals are spending unnecessary tremendous amounts of money on cellphones when they do not need to but are lead to believe they do. They are discarding there perfectly operating and capable phones for newer ones which in some cases just have better aesthetics or a minimal performance upgrade. Which make the current trends followed by consumers a misguided and with very few significant or probable reasons.


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