Grooming Series Part I: (Why Groom Your Dog)

Grooming your dog regularly will provide dogs with many benefits.  Dog grooming is very important not only for a dog’s the physical appearance but also for his emotional state. Grooming your dog will provide your dog with a healthier and more appealing life. When you groom your dog many diseases are prevented. Compare your dog to humans. As a human you take a daily shower, brush your teeth, shave and you always want to look nice and smell good; when comparing your dog is an animal but that doesn’t mean he or she wouldn’t feel the need to be clean, look or smell good. When people look at your dog’s appearance they also see what type of person you are. Grooming will make your dog and yourself look good in society. Also if you love your dog you will do anything to make him or her healthy.  To do so a proper grooming is needed. A proper grooming consists of three main steps: brushing, bathing and nail clipping. To continue reading the blog series, please I do encourage to visit Grooming Series Part Il: (Brushing Your Dog),Grooming Series Part Ill: (Bathing Your Dog) and Grooming Series Part IV: ( Nail Clipping Your Dog)
                                       This is the result of a well done grooming. Notice how you can instantly visualize the dog’s features After grooming the dog has a neat appearance.

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