Grooming Series Part Ill: (Bathing Your Dog)

Bathing your dog at least once or twice a month is very important. A dog’s skin is very sensitive and needs to be cleaned. As a dog owner I bathe my dog twice a month, usually is recommended to bathe your dog every three months or so. Since my dog is very active and I take him out to walk daily, I prefer to bathe him more often. In the summer a dog’s skin and coat tends to get more dirty, sweaty and the odor is not very pleasant; therefore I bathe him three or four times a month. In the other season’s dog’s skin or coat do not go through such messy troubles. They are mainly home and they don’t get dirty, sweaty or smelly that often. Bathing is a great method to keep your dog clean and healthy. Also, there coat will always look neat and beautiful. 

In order to successfully bathe your dog, I strongly recommend using dog shampoo. If human shampoo is used on dogs it has the outcome of irritating the dog’s skin or much more.  I use “Grreat Choice™ Oatmeal Enhanced Vanilla All Purpose Shampoo”.

This shampoo is great for everyday use. Has a great scent, is oatmeal enhanced, contains vitamins and it leaves your dog’s coat and skin clean, shinny, and beautiful.

Andrei Smith gives us a great tip for bathing your dog. He states that bathing with a rich lather using a great dog shampoo will remove dog and fleas from your pet’s skin. No more dry and itchy skin if your dog is free from harmful insects.

As instructed by any dog shampoo you decide to purchase, a dog needs to be bathed in warm water and remember to be patient and have fun with your dog when bathing him, so a special bond between owner and pet can grow. My strategy is to take certain toys my dog love to the tube so that he can play with them while I am bathing him. When I conclude the bath I tell him how good he was and cares him. These are small gestures and actions that will let your dog feel good and not be afraid of bathing. To continue reading the blog series, please I do encourage to visit Grooming Series Part II: (Brushing Your Dog), and Grooming Series Part IV: ( Nail Clipping Your Dog).


According to Med Help all dogs should be bathed every 4-8 weeks,depending on the breed and discretion of the owner, or unless directed by a veterinarian.




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