The Stanely Parable Experiment

In my playthrough for about 5 mins, I did not know the game actually started. I was loaded into the game, but all I saw the game title on a washed out white board, and I thought for 5 mins the game was still just loading. That was pretty interesting for me, and as I continued to play, I was going through a basic set up of a company space, or at least that’s how it all looked to me. Very weird and intriquing the game is. Through my playthrough, I noticed mugs of coffee all over the floor and all over several desks implying something chaotic took place recently. I saw more signs of chaos through the area: papers tossed all over, chairs thrown around, and just the general feeling of chaos.

I did not play for long due the fact I had other homework to finish today, but I will definitely continue to play this game at a later date.

Concept Doc

Working title: Inside The Storm

Concept statement: A cross between Mario and Vector. Jump, Slide, and Run your way out of a corrupt system.

Genre(s): Platform, action, and narrative.

Target Audience: Ages 12 and up.

Unique Selling Points: Do you like Mario? Do you like Parkour? Then this is the game for you.

Player Experience and Game POV: You play as Eduardo: a South American man born and raised in oppressive regime in Argentina. The year is 1976, and you a have regime to overthrow.

Visual and Audio Style: Drawing inspiration from the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles series for visual design and audio style.

Game World Fiction: You must fight to liberate your nation from oppression.

Monetization: Cosmetics; players will the option to purchase different costumes for the player.

Platform(s), Technology, and Scope(briefly): Consoles, and PC. 2D design and made with Unity.  15 to 18 months to make. 10-12 hours to complete. Major risk includes, players not being interested in platformers anymore.


Core Loops: Not sure yet.

Objectives and Progression: Player moves by analog if on console or by WASD if on PC.

Game Systems: Leveling system, weapons system, and points system.

Interactivity: As the player interacts with the environment , whether it is with a character, a weapon, or even a platform, it is done to keep the player invested in the dynamics and mechanics of the game.

Walden Game Review

Walden is a indie, adventure, walking simulator, and philosophical game. The game primarily uses basic PC controls a.k.a WASD plus the mouse to help you look around the world.

Walden, a game is a balance between several goals: surviving in the woods through self reliant living; seeking inspiration in the woods through attention to animals, sounds, solitude and books; and exploration and discovery of the social and personal context leading to Thoreau’s experiment.

The survival simulation focuses on the four “necessaries of life” as described by Thoreau in the book Walden—food, fuel, shelter and clothing. Players must care-take these aspects of their life in the woods in order to maintain their energy. If they fail to do so, they will faint from exhaustion.

It is a quite experience, very calming music, and engaging when you give yourself to Thoreau’s experiment, and try to adhere yourself to the necessities of life. I did not play for long, but I got a good idea of what is expected of the player.


Game Journal

FTL is a type of game I don’t have much experience in. Not that I don’t indie games, in fact I play indie games quite a lot (Castle Crashers anyone?), but I don’t play turn-based strategy, simulation games. I also did not play this game for long, less than 30 mins I think.

You play as a captain of a spaceship that needs to save the Federation from the Rebellion, and many things can go wrong. You and your crew (you get three characters in total including the captain) can suffocate, you can die if any enemies invade your ship (which can be done while you engage a rebellion ship), and you could starve. So, this is game is fairly realistic, and also you must take of your ship. This game makes you feel like a captain of a ship, and gives you all the responsibilities of it.  Also, since I am not a PC gamer, it also made it difficult to play and enjoy. Your crew mates can die very easily, and very often, so unless you have experience with these types of games or have a great deal of time and patience to play this, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Below are the controls for PC:

  • Shift + Weapon Keys (1-7) will disarm / shutdown the weapon or drone.
  • qwe / asd / zx will select individual crew members.
  • f / g will fire the open/close all doors actions.
  • Tab will open the jump menu.
  • ` (above the tab button) will open the Ship menu.

Mash Up

A mash up between Gone Home and Man Of Rage.

Carlos Penicia and Katie Greenbriar are in a relationship and Katie decides to bring him to her home to meet her parents. They met while she was vacationing around the world. She helps keep his anger in check and he protects her from threats such as himself. Together they uncover the mystery of the disappearance of her family.

Title: Rage Of Home.

Game Pitch

Green: Smashing

Yellow: Crime

Pink: Grand Theft Auto

Blue: Accountability

Game Concept: You(the player) play as a man (Carlos Penicia) with anger issues that gets into a life of crime as a way to have a catharsis for your rage. You were abused as a child by your mother, your father died before you were born, and you were raised in poverty. As you commmit crimes, and try to escape the authorities, your smash meter increases until it is full. Then you get unlease powerful attacks for a duration.

Pitch: Imagine a cross between early 2000’s Incredible Hulk games and GTA. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Man Of Rage.

Game Journal: Gone Home

A disclaimer, I only played for a short amount of time( 45 mins-1 hour), and in that time I thought it was an okay game. I did like the visuals, the feeling of suspense that was very apparent throughout the game.

You play as Katie Greenbriar, an adult female who has come from her long trip across Europe, and upon her arrival home, no body is there. Not her father, mother or sister. So, the Katie (you, the player), must find out what happened to your family. And as you move throughout the house you uncover bits and pieces of information to help figure out what happened to your family. Now, I will reiterate I did not play the whole game( I didn’t have enoug time) so everything that I did not like will be discussed from a limited scope, sort of speak.

So,I have pet peeve where information is given that doesn’t play a part in the narrative as a whole, and I see thar with Gone Home. Now, I did not play game, so perhaps this particular information I am talking about did have a payoff, but I wouldn’t know. So,in Gone Home there is a piece of information that was given that I wasn’t sure why it was included, and I will repeat: it could have a payoff,but I wouldn’t know.

So, in terms how I felt: Like a said before, I felt a great deal of suspense that was apparent from the beginning. I did not feel I was in the shoes of Katie, but only because I did not play long. The visuals were good, but I had to lower the resolution because my laptop couldn’t handle the top resolution, but still on the lowest resolution, the visuals were good. The sound design is solid: I heard falls of rain, the wind, noises from the TV, and even music on top of rain while being able to not have the noise of the rain to blend in or be overtaken by the music. Pretty solid sound design.

My game experience was okay, but I’m sure others will have a much more enjoyable experience. So, definitely give this a try.