ENG1121, 4/6/20 Class Session

Hello, dear students!

Happy Monday! 🙂 

Your U2 Writing Assignment is due tonight, on Sunday, April 5, by 11:59 PM (that’s just before midnight)! If you haven’t yet uploaded it, I’ll grant an extra 24 hours extension to any who need it. Therefore, the new due date is Monday, April 6, by 11:59 PM. (For those who didn’t read my last post, I’ve created a step-by-step guide on how I want you to upload your assignments.)

If you haven’t already, complete the questionnaire about your experience with the U2 Writing Assignment: https://forms.gle/fFvtBDB1AdENtMex6

Some might note that there’s a Journal Assignment 7 due, according to the syllabus–I’ve decided to cut that assignment for now, so don’t worry about that one!

Here’s the link to the PowerPoint about what we’ll be doing for U3: “ENG1121, Class Session 4.6.20.”

I’ll be available to do a hangout or chat via email on Monday, April 6, from 10-11:30 AM.

Be safe &well!

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