ENG1121 3/25/20 Class Session

Hello, dear students!

We’re on to the next session, and doing well so far! A couple of things to note:

  1. Please carefully read the posts and email messages I write. Many questions will be answered there. If you still have questions after checking your email account (the one that you have linked to CUNYfirst) and this website, feel free to contact me!
  2. Everyone is stressed and inhibited in various ways by this turn of events, so if you’re having personal issues, trouble connecting to the Internet, or other concerns, please let me know. City Tech is working on providing support (both technical and emotional), so don’t be silent! The college and I are both here for you.

On to today’s topic: Peer Reviews.

There is no PowerPoint presentation today. Your participation points depend on what’s listed on this post. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY!

I’ve created two documents that are available on OpenLab:

  1. A list of the partners I’ve created for the Peer Review is now on OpenLab. Email your General Analysis & Focused Analysis to me (monwedeng1121@gmail.com) and your partner by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, March 25 (that’s midnight on Wednesday–not noon on Wednesday, LOL). THIS EMAIL IS WORTH 50 POINTS AND COUNTS AS YOUR PARTICIPATION POINTS FOR MARCH 25!
    • If your partner does not send their U2 Writing Assignment by the deadline, ask a friend or family member to complete the Peer Review Worksheet for you.
  2. A Unit 2 Peer Review Worksheet is also on OpenLab. Download and fill out the entire worksheet for your assigned partner. Email the completed worksheet to me and your partner by 11:59 PM on Friday, March 27 (again, midnight on Friday, not noon on Friday). THIS COUNTS AS YOUR PARTICIPATION POINTS FOR MARCH 30!
    • If your partner didn’t send their U2 Writing Assignment to you, and you had a friend or family member complete it for you, send the completed worksheet to me and let me know what you had to do.


For today’s homework and a peek into what’s next, please refer to the updated schedule, available on OpenLab.

If anyone has questions or wants my feedback on the writing assignment, please email me. We can set up a time either during the class office hours or otherwise to do a Google hangout or phone call.

Be safe and well!


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