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Marche d’Alligre, Picnic in the Park, Hotel Le Boulet, and Group Tour to Chateau de Vincennes by Kariluz Sanchez Constanza

Street view, where to one side of the street. is district 11 and the other district 12

Day 11 at the Thomas Ahrens International Work/Study Program in Paris. Today we visited one of the oldest market place in the city dated back to the 1600s’, but officially opened in 1779. It’s opens 6 day out of the week, closed on Mondays. Marche d’Alligre is the only one with a flea market within the market, as an exception to  the rest of the markets in the city which consist of fruits, vegetable, cheeses, and meat. Flea market are only allowed by the government to be  outside the city limits. We walk around the area and familiarized ourselves with the different types of vendors and the multiples shops around the area. Also, we learn about the different types of bakeries, which mostly consist  of two; one is industrial and the other artisanal, meaning that the industrial will have their good prepared elsewhere and the artisanal will have it prepared on site. After the early hike around the area it was time for a little break. The group decided to try the different types of cheeses at the market and like a good Parisian, we had a small picnic. The group tried about 6 different types and the one that the group like the most was the Papillon cheese from Aveyron.

More over, it was  time to got to out next location. A 20 min walk from the picnic was Hotel Le Boulet. Hotel Boulet, is a boutique hotel according to the company’s definition because is has less than 100 rooms. Is a 5 start hotel and the only one of its category in the 11th district when most of the luxurious hotel are located on other district. Before it became a hotel this was a wood manufacturer, and then became a chocolate factory, and finally a hotel. This hotel has 5 rooms categories and the average room rate run from 380-710 euros. Also it mostly for couples, tourist, and business men clientele since there’s not family rooms. The concept of t hotel is very modern in design and to complement the background history the hotel decided to implement the wood and chocolate scent in hotel environment. Our host Anais gave us a short tour to the main parts of the hotel and to two rooms to view their design. I have found it very chic and elegant. Really enjoy the tour. Finally, after Hotel Le Boulet it was time for the group to present and to take us to their location. We were to visiting Chateau de Vincennes. The group gave an excellent explanation of their location and the history of the Chateau. The Chateau de Vincennes originally was a hunting place for the King, became a prison for the elite prisoners of the King and eventually a Chateau for the King. The place is divided into 4 location the King and Queens chateau, the dungeon and a church. Today the Chateau is being used for different activities and exhibitions.

Marche d’Alligre

Coffee grinding machine at the Cafe Aouba

Bread tasting an Artisanal bakery

aInside the market at a cheese establishment


Picnic time….

Cheese tasting at the picnic


Street view of the entrance at Hotel Boutet

Work of art for sale at the hotel.

Hotel Boutet

Chateau entrance

Chateau de Vincennes- The Church

The Dungeon

And then we say Au revoir! jusqu’a la prochaine tournee