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Une Journée Pour Rencontrer La Nature

Picnic time!

Sceaux (6 miles outside of Paris)

After a week and a half, we get to spend time together at Parc de Sceaux to relax before the busiest week approaches.

Sceaux Metro Station

Sceaux Metro

The beautiful view of the station it’s totally different from any station found in Paris.

Lost in the forest

The freshness of nature

The sound of nature

Enjoying the nice weather

Grand Canal

Château de Sceaux

Sceaux Castle

Evenly shaped trees

2019 Picnic
Christine, Janelle, Aquille, Prof. Pericles

Drinking some wine
Bannesa, David, Marcio, Nathaly

Cheese time
Corinna and Victor

Destiny, Shantel, Mathew, Stephanie, Sagine, Citlalli

Met new and great people on this trip
Janice, Moon, Edith, Mei, Maricel

Au revoir

The end

Hold on, food is ready! Now, this is the end, until next post.

Today’s activity was amazing we went to a town called Sceaux, which is about 6 miles outside of Paris. The journey began at 10 am, we all departed together from the hotel to M13 to take us to Porte de Vanves Metro once there we transfer to the 3a and got off at Cite Universite and took the last transfer, the RER B towards Robinson and got off at Sceaux. The center Ville de Sceaux has specialty shops and the local outdoor marche, which we were able to see and shop. Then we walked to the beautiful park, which was designed by André Le Nôtre after the Revolution had destroyed the old decor. André Le Nôtre was also responsible for designing Versailles.

After we took some pictures for our photo album, we sat and enjoyed our picnic near the grand canal. This time we enjoyed our picnic better than last time since today the weather was wonderful, sunny and fresh. We all bought things to eat and share, “sharing is caring,” we bought a variety of cheeses, wine, fruits like cherries, strawberries, plums, etc. It was the quietest picnic. All you can hear was the birds singing and the wind blowing, can’t ask for more.

After the picnic, we were dismissed and some of us continued exploring the park, others went to the Louvre Museum and the rest of us came back to the hotel to do some cooking. Me and friends shared the food we made to make an awesome dinner. As everything has a beginning it also has an end, this was it for today. See you on the next post.

Au revoir!