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Assemblée Nationale Tour and Musée de l’Armee

Our morning started with light clouds and a small chill, 18.4 degrees Celsius. All of the students, liaisons, and professors met in the hotel lobby 14:00 hrs to embark on the first half of our exciting journey; Musée de l’armee. After arriving via M13 to Musee Rodin; we walked to the museum entrance where we were greeted by security and bag inspection. After we were cleared we proceeded to the location of the walking tour where David, Stephanie and Citlalli gave us a presentation on the history, culture, tourism, and cultural significance of the museum, which was well received. We were later dismissed and given time to explore the museum courtyard which was free. My colleagues took pics with the French military forces who were kind enough to let us take a group photograph with them. We then met back up at 15:00 hrs per Professor Zinders request and made our way to the Assembleè Nationale.

 Group photo with French forces.

Courtyard of the Army Museum

Entrance/Exit of Army Museum

Once we arrived to the Assemblee Nationale we were asked to passed through a metal detector where we were scanned and given identification tags upon showing our passports to security. After about 10 minutes our tour guide Frank made his appearance in order to show us the restaurants and dining areas in the assemblee’s arsenal. We sat in the cafeteria where we were given a small verbal presentation on the restaurants and the necessity of the assemblee to the French government, the deputies and their jobs at the establishment were described as well. Marcio prepared us some coffee and espresso’s for those who requested it (thank you Marcio). Frank then led us through the dining area. Here are various pics of the two areas.

Seating areas are numbered

The smaller kitchen has a French style stove.

 A confused Matt has appeared.

 View from the second kitchens rooftop.

 Army Museum from above.

 Smaller seating areas with a wonderful view.

 The menu for the day for the second restaurant.

 Á la carte dining room setup.

View of the Eiffel Tower from seating area.

 Seating area that is closer towards rooftop entrance.

 Frank giving an explanation of the menu.

 Restaurant Bar.

 Students photographing the French scenery.

The table on the roof is fixed with a compass showing you the directions of the popular attractions in France.

Our tour was concluding with a French deputy’s assistant making an appearance. She explained that the deputy was busy and could not see us at the time, he was voting on laws amongst the assemblee. This French deputy is from the area the French exchange students taking classes at City tech are from. We went into small groups in order to enter the elevator to exit the building, we thanked Frank for his kindness and we later dismissed to plan the rest of our day. It was a wonderful experience and very informative making you thankful for being a part of a program such as this.