First Day at Brunoy


Today was the first day that we were in the kitchen. Our day started pretty early at 6:45 in the hotel lobby. As a group, we traveled on the metro to St. Pierre School. There we meet Chef Nichola and Chef Sandrine. After introducing ourselves we were split into two groups. One group went with Chef Nichola to prepare the entree for the family meal. While, another group went with Chef Sandrine to prepare the desserts for the family meal. Group on

e made Tasty Toast with Red Mullet Pates and an Egg Salad with Chef Nichola. While Chef Sandrine and her group made Pistachio-Raspberry Millefeuille, Blossom Orange Millefeuille, Chocolate Cointreau Millefeuille, and Cointreau.

After both groups finished their production for the day we all sat in the main dining room and ate family meal. Next, we all said our goodbye and proceed back to the hotel.

 Nathalie and Edith in the Pastry lab peeling oranges.

 A demo with the Chefs.

 Blossom Orange Millefeuille.

 Pistachio Raspberry Millefeuile.

 A group picture with the chefs after family meal.

 The table set for family meal.

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