Fauchon tour and beautiful weather


Group photo in front of Fauchon L'Hotel

Bonjour! Today was a beautiful day in the city of Paris. The TAIWSP group began our day with a hotel tour at the Fauchon L’Hotel. We were greeted by Laura Gonnella, manager of the rooms division. She showed us the hotel library where guests can sit in before they check in and have a complimentary drink while waiting for their room. There were also little macaroons for guests to enjoy. In the room, you can see the four main colors of the hotel which Laura explained was pink, gold, white and black. The style was delicate and sleek, overall a very inviting feel. Next, we were shown the hotel’s restaurant which was created by the founder of the company Auguste Fauchon. The restaurant kept the theme of the hotel with lots of pinks, golds, etc. On display where mouth-watering pastries and bread. Lastly, we were shown the spa which smelt of roses and florals notes, very calming and welcoming for guests.



After the tour was over we began walking to the walking tour site which was the Place Vendome. The tour was given by Matt, Shantel, and Christine who did an excellent job at explaining the history, culture, tourism and food aspects about the monument. We learned that the monument was taken down several times during different riots and revolutions. The area around the hotel is popular for tourist who wants to shop at a designer places like coco chanel.

Picture of library



The Place Vendome




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