Arrival in Paris

June 1st 2016

Today marks the first day of the Thomas Ahrens International Work/Study Program.  All the students arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport, some earlier than others… I got to meet Professor Zinder for the first time and she got to work memorizing everyone’s name.


Later arrivals


6am arrivals, studying French to pass the time


2016 Students ready to explore Paris

We all made our way to our home base pretty early and had plenty of time to take a tour of the neighborhood.


Professor Lorenzini, explaining do how the Paris Metro works


Professor Zinder, practicing her memory skills as she hands out maps of the Metro.

We took a mini tour of Malakoff/Vanves and did some shopping at the local market. We stopped at the post office which offers some of the best conversation rates when retrieving cash from the ATM.


The beautiful €500 bill #purple

It was a long day for the students, who are all on New York time but they’ll thank us later. Their jet lag will be non existent. 😉

Tomorrow will be another day full of walking and fun tours and we can wait to get started!!

A bientôt


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