LIB 1201 - R&D in Information Age: Online Documentation Project

Author: Saralynn Alvarez

Part 5: Document your research and proposal.

Bullet point 1: a description of how you researched all resources, including images, for your presentation.

For our Online Documentation Project, we began our search online via search engines such as Google and Bing. We searched many possible topics and finally selected New York Water Taxis as our Research Tool. New York Water Taxis was selected because it is an up and coming tourist attraction as well as a commuter service many people don’t know about yet. New York Water Taxi provides an entertaining and exciting new way to see New York city via the New York’s waterways. Upon selecting our topic, we began delegating tasks to members of the group. Research was preformed on the following specific areas: background information, tours, locations, images and pricing. At first we found it difficult to find information on our topic other than what was found on the New York Water Taxis website. We searched various websites. Researching further we started finding bits of information on our topic on websites such as Trip advisor, Nycgo and New work pass. We each chose a website and collected information on our topic. Once we gathered all the necessary information, organized and categorized it, we began our topic proposal and the development of our open lab page. Lastly, after we gathered all the necessary information that we would possibly need for our topic and we began our image search. We searched for the finest images online, that would give off the best first impression of New York Water Taxi. The images were found, grouped and the best ones have been selected. Once all information, resources and images were gathered the project website construction began.

Part 4: Write a proposal on your topic.

Bullet point 1: A description of our topic

New York City Water Taxi

The New York City Water Taxi is a taxi based service that offers tours to popular destinations all over New York City and transportation options for commuters. The service mainly runs along the East and Hudson Rivers. It offers tours like the Statue of Liberty to the 9/11 memorial, the water taxi will stop at the most well know attractions in New York City. The Water Taxi not only takes the riders to these destinations but gets tours together for these attractions. The water taxi also offers another option for commuting along the rivers. The taxi can also hold events for groups that book it in advance. This service is used by many every day in order to get from place to place. The prices for this service range from around $19-31 depending upon where you plan on going to. The service became active around 2002 and has been taking thousands of New Yorkers daily to many destinations along the Hudson and East Rivers. The service offers around eleven terminals that pick up and drop off riders along these rivers as well. The company is only one of an actual affiliate company that is in charge of setting up tours for ferries, commuting and live events. This larger company is named Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises, who offer the same kind of services to other states like New Jersey.

Bullet point 3: How our research has informed our proposal?

New York City Water Taxi

Once given the assignment we began searching online and gathering information on possible topics we would like to work on for our Online Documentation Project. Once the research was conducted, as a group we concluded that the topic will be New York Water Taxis. New York Water Taxi is an affiliate company of The Durst Organization Inc. A partnership venture between Douglas Durst and Tom Fox. New York Water Taxi has been a New York operation since 2002. New York Water Taxi provides transportation services primarily to areas along the New York Harbor and East River. These services include commuter transportation, sightseeing tours and private event charters. We found that New York City Water Taxis has a fleet of 10 eco-friendly vessels that accommodate 74 to 149 passengers per boat and are propelled by low-emission engines. Upon researching we have also determined that some of the boats featured on New York Water Taxis website are from its sister organization Circle Line Downtown. These boats include the, SHARK Speedboat Thrill Ride and the Zephyr private VIP yacht. New York Water Taxi allows groups to use its boats such as the Zephyr, for special events, business or intimate dinners. New York Water Taxi also conducts water taxi tours. These tours give visitors an up-close look at the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. There are other sights such as Ground Zero and the Empire State Building that can be seen on special tours but it depends on the tour packages. In addition to offering tours, New York City Water Taxi normally works as a metro commuter service, operating only during rush hour in New York City.