All of the group’s sources include an overall understanding on NYC Water Taxis. The tabs range from prices on tickets for adults and children to where the Water Taxi actually takes you. The groups sites include a map of NYC and the destinations and landmarks the taxi will either pass by or stop on. There is a price tab that explains if there are discounts or package deals that can help utilize ones money. The websites also contain FAQ tabs which are extremely helpful if one is a NYC taxi newbie. The FAQ pages can actually list out some of the rules and regulations that are also listed on separate tabs as well. There is also a tab for alternative modes of transportation such as The Shark and The ZEPHYR which take people to different locations as well as giving people different travel experiences. Each sources websites have specific directions and order to what it wants people to know. There are tabs for what to bring, what not to bring, what to do and what not to do. As well as, specific details on what is not allowed. The websites make it impossible for one not to know what a NYC water taxi is and it is also impossible to not understand the rules clearly.