New York Water Taxi offers their legal policy for internet usage online.

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However,  the rules pertaining to ride usage are as follows:

When it comes to the NYC water taxis there are a few rules that people should abide by. For instance, one cannot bring outside food with them onto the water taxis. At certain locations such as the Statue of Liberty, there are confessions where snacks are for sale. Therefore,  the group suggests that one should eat before boarding the taxi if a snack will not cut your appetite.  The NYC water taxis also do not allow pets unless it is a seeing eye dog/ service dog.  The water taxis also have limited space which means there are recommendations to bring a bag as small as a clutch on board. The same applies for alternate tour rides such as The Shark. The Shark itself has more detailed requirements such as for pregnant women and for children. The Shark does not permit pregnant women to ride because of the impact of the waves and how rough the ride could get. They also have a height requirement where one  has to exceed 40 inches to ride. The boat also suggests that you do not bring any carry on bags other than a clutch as stated before.  When it comes to the IKEA water taxi, it does not allow one to bring any furniture that does not fit in the IKEA bag aboard. Overall, the rules and regulations are straight forward, no food, no pets, no smoking, and just follow the rules that have specific instructions.