For our Online Documentation Project, the group began the search online via search engines such as Google and Bing. The group searched many possible topics and finally selected New York Water Taxis as the group’s research project and decided it would be best to design a research tool to appropriately depict them. New York Water Taxis was selected because it is an up and coming tourist attraction as well as a commuter service many people don’t know about yet. New York Water Taxi provides an entertaining and exciting new way to see New York city via the New York’s waterways. Upon selecting the group topic, the group began delegating tasks to members of the group. Research was preformed on the following specific areas: background information, tours, locations, images and pricing. At first the group found it difficult to find information on the group topic other than what was found on the New York Water Taxis website.  Searching and filtering through various websites became necessary. Researching further we started finding bits of information on the group topic on websites such as Trip advisor, Nycgo and New work pass. The group members each chose a website and collected information on the group topic. Once the group  gathered all the necessary information, organized and categorized it, the group began the group topic proposal and the development of the group’s open lab project page. Lastly, after the group gathered all the necessary information that would possibly be needed for the group topic and the group began image search. The group searched for the finest images online, that would give off the best first impression of New York Water Taxi. The images were found, grouped and the best ones have been selected. Once all information, resources and images were gathered the project website construction began.

The process that the group underwent to present was that the group decided to keep the theme of a taxi in New York City. The site itself has colors that match the usual look of a New York City Water Taxi. The group settled on making a website with tabs that give a brief description of the water taxi, a tab that describes the ships, a tab that describes the many different attractions that are available on the New York City Water Taxi service, the maps of piers that pick up and drop off passenof the water taxi, the prices of the different ships that are available and the rules and regulations of the ships that a customer must follow while aboard any of the vessels. The top of the website itself has a few images of the New York City Water Taxi and the many other vessels that are available. The front page of the website itself has an image of the main New York Water Taxi next to the Manhattan skyline. The group then decided to make a separate tab for the citations for every source that was used in order to construct and organize the information on the site.