// Lucky’s Casino. It’s usually full, but today seemed to be a strange night. There wasn’t many gamblers, just two. There were plenty drinkers though. The bar was confined to one corner, while the table games where just a few steps away. Lucky’s Casino was just intimate; for the players who wanted just the right atmosphere to play and drink. //

James took his friend out, Roger, to gamble. They approach the gambling table. Roger pick up a die and rolled, the number was 6. He was excited for the out come and screamed, “ I win give me some money.” James laughed and said, “ you don’t play Craps with a die, you play with dice. We also didn’t bet anything yet.” Roger replied, “ you want a die. This is how I play,” in a menacingly but playful way. “Yes I want a die. You are hold me up from teaching you the game. It not about die, but dice,” James said.

A man from the bar approached the two friends. He appeared to be heavily drunk as if he was drinking from day to night. “So you’re playing a game,” the drunken man said with a thick Russian accent. The friend said, “yes.” The drunken man said, “I heard some of the rules while you were talking. It sounds similar to this lovely game we play in Russia. You just use dice, yes.” They said yes in reply to the man. Roger complained to the man he rolled a six and he won. “James won’t pay me my money. It’s pay or else.” The man looked at Roger and said, “he made his choice already.” The man faced James and pulled out a .357 Magnum, long noise. With in a split second Roger witnessed this unknown assailant push his friend’s top back. The man looked at Roger and said “ y’all play Russian Roulette a little different here, but the outcome stays the same.”

// Black screen //