Mauris Lopez (INTRO)

Hey guys, My name is Mauris Lopez but if my name is complicated for you, you can call me by my last. I recently just got back into school after almost two years of being out. I recently become a mom and it’s been the best thing in the world. Don’t get me wrong its been a ride and a lot of changes especially because of the pandemic but  I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to United States at the age of five. Ive practically been living here all my life, I love to dance and I love music epically my cultures music. I recently just moved to corona queens after living in the Lower East Side for about six years before that I lived in Brooklyn. As of now i’m not really doing much but just trying to get myself and my life together trying to find balance. Right now I’m a full time mom, a full-time student and full time fiancé. I was really nervous and anxious about starting college again after being out for so long, but I took the leap of faith and I did what I had to do to pull through and come back to college. I am very proud of myself.


This Is my world. My baby boy Aiden. He’s my first and I got really lucky, I wanted a boy and I got it. Its been an amazing experience and he has shown me so much he makes better each day. Everything I do is for that boy, I’ve grown and changed so much since my son. Know I understand some of the things my mother use to tell me while growing up, that I’ve lived through with my son. My son has mad me value my mother so much more I thank god everyday for this blessing. Even though my son wasn’t planned he couldn’t have came eat a better timing. I lost my grandfather the same year my son was born, I was five months pregnant and the day after I found out that my son was going to be a boy my grandfather passed. It was hard but I’m thankful for my family and my son that help me throughout this time.

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  1. Mehreen Khanom

    I loved reading about you. Congrats on your baby boy he is so adorable. It’s nice to hear that you enjoy being a mother and enjoy music.

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