Hey, my name is Manchehra Hazratkulova. I am from Uzbekistan. I came to the United States in 2014 and ever since I live in Brooklyn. This is my second year in City Tech college. Currently, I am taking prerequisite courses for nursing. If I pass the exam I’ll be in the nursing program. I decided majoring in nursing because when I was sophomore in high school I volunteered at the hospital and I enjoyed being in a hospital environment. Also, during my free time I usually read books and watch anything related to psychology.

This picture was taken in 2019, by me. I went to City Tech College of Technology for only 39 days and then the pandemic started. Usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays I had a few hours of free time between my classes. Therefore, I used to take photos and edit them. This picture is one of them, from the English class in a small building. I would like to post all the photos I took at City Tech college because they are all from two years ago, where life was exciting.