New York: Before the City

New Sanderson’s documentary, “new York: Before the City” is a fascinating journey through time, showing the unknown stories and landscapes of New York.┬á One thing that stood out to me is that, Sanderson’s astounding research took us through a thoughtful provoking odyssey, elaborating on the forgotten ecosystems and the indigenous people who once inhabited this land.┬á From this documentary, I understood the New York of┬á ┬ábefore to the New York of Now; overpopulated, saturated, busy and and dirty. The New York of before had is richness which is now been forgotten. This documentary is important to watch for those who are curious about the┬á history of┬á New York.

Ned Blackhawk’s Article, Without┬á Indigenous History, There is No US History

The article ” Without Indigenous History, There is No US History” serve a compelling reminder that Native American history play in the broader narrative of the United State.┬á This article is from Ned Blackhawk’s book “The Rediscovery of┬á America: Native people and the unmaking of US History. It trace Native Americans history from the early days of Spanish Colonial exploration┬á ┬áto present era of Indian self-determination and then showcase the enduring significance if indigenous people’s experiences and their struggles.