Mouhamadou bah


Professor Noonan


                                                                                                        The era of reform

       One thing that spoke to me in this week’s reading was the declaration of sentiment. This reading was about the document signed in 1848 at the first women’s rights convention in the U.S., modeled after the Declaration of Independence stating that “all men and women are created equal”. The Declaration of Sentiment was in a way a manifesto describing all women’s grievances and demands for equality with men. This document was written by a woman named Elizabeth Cady Stanton to help women get the rights they deserved against men and to finally let men consider women as equal when it comes to owning land or choosing whom to marry and getting divorced when they don’t feel happy in a marriage, or being able to work and support themselves and their families without needing a men’s output in that decision and in any decision that they make for themselves. This declaration was signed by many men and women, and I think it revolutionized how women are in this era because women have the right to do anything now like get jobs to make money, fall in love, and get married/divorced to whomever they want, they have the right to own property and even get abortion in some states. So I think this declaration is the best thing to happen to women all over the world since its establishment.

I also think that the video “AINT I A WOMEN” was very fun to watch it describes how most women were treated like delicate objects, but black women worked hard even in those times. There was no man to help them in and out of carriages or hold over muddy puddles.  “AINT I A WOMEN” journey truth says because even though she was a women she was still black and in the eyes of others a negro slave.