what did we learned

What did I learned this semester is a lot of vocab words that I’ve haven’t know about it. Names of some colors, I only know the simple ones. I’ve also learn how hard craftsmenship  is because it’s kind of hard to keep everything clean.

These are the 3 subway posters I’ve found  which shows strong hierarchy because the first one shows the title but there are two people in front of the title so I think it’s focus to those two people standing in front of the big title at the back. Second picture shows a lot of people but it looks like it focus on that one person, and everyone else in the back looks blured out. Last one shows the title in the side of the picture which you don’t see that much in many posters or pictures.

These are the 3 textures I”ve found, the first one is my wall which looks like paper, second one is the bumpy looking celing, and the third one is my wood desk, I think the wood looking texture would look good on a notebook cover maybe.


How the frame and the scale affected the composition is like it’s focus to that one area or part so you can see the detail better.

Why it is important to start with thumbnail sketches for some of us is that it helps let out all of your ideas so you can take your time on thinking about which style that you prefer. For thumbnail sketches  you usually just use a pencil to draw out different styles of a picture or an image that you came up with, and it can also be words in different style you like. Once you get all your ideas down, you can go back and pick one of the designs you came up with or add something in it that satisfies you, and thats it. It helps on taking your time to pick out something you like instead of just drawing out one thing.