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Link to the Freewrite

activity 02 discussion agenda
In breakout rooms, address – 
Each individual’s four step process for getting an idea or beginning a project
How do Ferguson’s four steps compare to the ones that you wrote for yourself?
Describe the problem in any field that you said you wanted to design a solution for.
What is speculative design?  What are its benefits & drawbacks?
Activity 02 discussion agenda
group responsibilities
Each group should elect 
a CHAIR (who directs conversation, tracks time, and makes sure everyone is heard),
a RECORDER (who takes notes on the conversation, and summarizes the discussion in writing for #classnotes)
a REPORTER (who will be responsible for representing the conversation to their peers in the large group discussion)

The recorder should make a note of who filled which role in their #classnotes write-up.
Group responsibilities

Activity 3

For information on how to register for free access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal with your CUNY ID, click here.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: No class next Monday (02/13)!
Next time we meet will be Wednesday (02/15), in person at Voorhees Hall.

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions, concerns, or even just shoot the breeze via Slack DM.

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