Professors Montgomery and Leonard

Author: Chris

Gowanus Canal Article Reflection

According to Joseph Alexiou article, the Gowanus Canal has been in Brooklyn for 158 year and we the people have polluted this canal where cleaning it is  nearing impossible or too expensive to do anything. Over the year we the people started to build factory, which dumping oil or chemical into the canal was ok and later it fix itself. Throughout year design to clean the canal fail due to poor engineering or overflowing from rain. What could us New Yorkers could have done differently? For starter we could of just pay attention on the long-term effect on us dumping into the canal.  Another idea is if the people who live around the area Brooklyn could have made donate on saving the canal and push hard for the governor or government to pay attention. The word “clean” in 2020 meaning keep your area from being dirty mess into healthy or polish area. New Yorker rights to have to a clean and safe place is like no hot spot for crime and no trash line around your streets.

Film Reflections

In the film Citizen Jane: Battle for the City, Robert Moses one of the planners who wanted to improved New York City with more modern idea, but his idea was ruined by Jane Jacobs. One location that caught my interest was I believe the Pruitt-IGOE public housing development in St. Louis in 1954 they wanted to change the housing for improvement the poor to live in better homes. Sadly, nine year later it became big fail where it became where gang and drug were everywhere around that neighborhood. The image of the planner has come up with and have fail so that just destroy it and eliminated the area. In the film My Brooklyn, one location that caught my interest was the Fulton street mall which wanted people to move out or going out of business due to lose their customer over other large business. In the film Human Scale, the New York in 2007 wanted to build a big highway because of Robert Moses. Not sure its location where it would be but if that happen it would of change the way we live with just car all around and business dying. I don’t really have a specific public space, but it doesn’t really matter where I like to rest a few minutes and enjoy the environment. In New York City there are many public spaces which give me a place to relax and enjoy my surrounding. But I think some public space can remove road spot for car to go and make it hard to move around.

Initial class reflection- Christopher Leon

My level of experience of doing research in college is mediocre. When it comes to research paper I can complete the task and requirement that is need in the research. But when the topic is new or boring it will take me a lot longer to finish the task.

My expectation for this class supports me in computer system is like give me a better understand of doing research in a much faster way.  Giving me idea on how finish assignment in time and later let see what else i can learn new.