According to Joseph Alexiou article, the Gowanus Canal has been in Brooklyn for 158 year and we the people have polluted this canal where cleaning it is  nearing impossible or too expensive to do anything. Over the year we the people started to build factory, which dumping oil or chemical into the canal was ok and later it fix itself. Throughout year design to clean the canal fail due to poor engineering or overflowing from rain. What could us New Yorkers could have done differently? For starter we could of just pay attention on the long-term effect on us dumping into the canal.  Another idea is if the people who live around the area Brooklyn could have made donate on saving the canal and push hard for the governor or government to pay attention. The word “clean” in 2020 meaning keep your area from being dirty mess into healthy or polish area. New Yorker rights to have to a clean and safe place is like no hot spot for crime and no trash line around your streets.