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Well after reading the three articles I have made my mind up that the Gowanus Canal will never be clean. The first article gives us some back ground on the Gowanus canal. They have been trying to clean the Gowanus canal for about 156 years. They come up with a plan to clean it see that its to expensive and change the plan to clean the canal for a cheaper one. As are trip to the canal we can tell its very polluted. It has a bad odor and personally I would not move near the canal. Well for me to say that the canal is clean I need to see clear water. They need to stop the sewer pipes from dumping waste in the canal. As New Yorkers we have every right to clean and protest to the government to clean the canal. We need to come together and show what a beautiful place the canal would be if it was clean. Also how healthy the environment would be, and the people living there.

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  1. J A Montgomery


    The Gowanus Conservancy Lowlands Plan seems to me to be the best vision of what the Gowanus should be. Careful linking of development, cleanup, and infrastructure changes are needed if this plan has any chance to become reality.

    Prof. Montgomery

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