Today we set up new OpenLab Project sites for each team. These sites will be a tool for communication between your team as well as a central location for building your documentation of your research. Professor Leonard and I will be reviewing your development on these sites and provide feedback through comments and posts.

Teams and their sites:

Team 1 – Diego, Sergio, Xhulja, Ana

Team 2 – Connie, Ishwar, Chris, Alex A.

Team 3 – Rafael, Latia, Alex M.

Team 4 – Leandra, Ronella, Jake C., Jake H.

Team 5 – Khady, Megan, Farzana

You should have received an invitation through your email account linked to your OpenLab account. Please accept the invitation to have full access to the site.

If you did not receive an invitation, that is because I was not clear on your user name. If you did not receive an invitation, please email me your OpenLab username.

We will be providing more information shortly about the revised format for the course.

Prof. Montgomery