Professors Montgomery and Leonard

The future of Learning Places

As you probably know by now, there is a 5-day instructional recess starting tomorrow, March 12. We will not hold class. Starting March 19 our class will take place online and your instructors are here to support your group projects, your online and in-person research, and any site visits you and your groups wish to make.

The City Tech library will be open as usual; I will post the new library hours when I know what they are.

PLEASE comment on this post so we know you are out there. Be well and be safe, everyone.


  1. Jake H.

    Have a good and safe week everyone.

  2. Connie

    Stay safe everyone!

  3. Ishwar Kamta

    I’m alive and well. I hope everyone else is!

  4. Megan A Gelin

    I’m fine. I hope everyone else is also.

  5. Alex Mendoza

    All good here. Stay safe everyone.

  6. Rafael De Los Santos

    I’m good. Hope everyone else is fine.

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