Lower Manhattan has a unique composition of key landmark buildings a few of those landmark buildings are the US Customs House, New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall, and Trinity Church. One common thing that makes these landmark buildings are they were built a long time ago and as the years passed by these buildings were a good representation of old New York. Furthermore as time went on and new buildings started to go up and lower Manhattan began to develop and change all those buildings had to be built around those landmark buildings the designer had to take into consideration how they can interact or appeal the person walking by.

Two good examples of key landmark buildings that show a good representation of unique composition in the area are the US Customs House and Trinity Church. When you look at Trinity Church standing at Broad St and Wall St you will notice how down the block looking towards Broadway you will see a glimpse of Trinity Church. It looks like from where I was standing how trinity church is located right in the middle of two buildings so you can see it from a far. As well you see the different types of materials used in the buildings and Trinity church. Another good example of unique composition being intergraded in the site is in the US Customs House. As you are walking down Broadway st or are standing or sitting in Bowling Green park you see the US Customs House straight ahead. You can see how Bowling Green Park interacts good with the US Customs House because as you are leaving the building and are looking straight ahead you obviously see the park, but you can also see past the park into Broadway St. I consider that a good integration because no matter where you are standing or sitting you will notice the key design features of the US Customs house and the amount of detail intergrade in the building you can compare what is occurring in trinity church where you see the different types of material and era happening there you can see how that is also happening in the US Customs House by seeing the different type of buildings style and ,materials used in the surroundings buildings.