The Chrysler building and the Empire state building have various similarities and differences in its visual aspect. Both serving different purposes but emitting that same environment within each space. These comparisons can be seen through its massing, materials and their choices of detailing.

These buildings at first glance from the outside have a very similar massing shape with small tweaks to differentiate the two. Both having steps back at the base section of the building and merging into a small like pyramid with a sharp antenna like facade at the top. However, the choice in materials and color vary from each other, whereas the Chrysler building related to its car manufacturing company with its metal decorative component at the top. The empire state building was composed of mainly limestone and granite with not a lot of over the top decoration on the outer massing.

The materials in each varied but both served a purpose of showcasing its wealth. The Chrysler building had a flashier approach to its material to impose a statement to those visiting the building at the lobby area. he empire state buildings lobby gave more of a patriotic building that represented New York City as a whole. The Chrysler building felt more like walking into a wealthy person’s territory, it had its own personality of being ostentatious with its materials on the exterior and interior.

The detailing represented in the empire state building is more so geometric shown throughout its ceiling in a two-tone, light yellow, almost gold color. The Chrysler building has pastel colored murals devoted to scenes of labor workers from that time period. These murals gave the Chrysler building a historical context to the building where people can observe and admire.