As we know both Manhattan and Brooklyn had a totally different pace of growth and that affected Brooklyn in a bad way those affects can be seen till this rate. While Manhattan was developing everything changed after the war in 1797 when the city went under a huge expansion that later in 1811 lead to the creation of the first major gird plan for Manhattan. At the same time with the first major gird plan being made for Manhattan nothing was made for Brooklyn they still had no gird plan, so they were developing and growing the old way which was moving around high areas etc. When John Randal Jr. set the rectilinear gird for Manhattan which is what can be seen till this day it was a major thing because that was the plan the whole city was going to follow which lead to major demolition of property’s that were where the plan consider streets are going to be, at the same time in Brooklyn while everything in Manhattan is being established that left Brooklyn in a huge disadvantage because that lead to Brooklyn struggling with there urban planning because they didn’t have a gird to follow to stay align or have a similar gird to that of what is being made for Manhattan. All the struggles that Brooklyn was going through as they try to grow got worse over the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge and then Manhattan bridge this was a huge struggle because the bridge served as a connection of both cities but since Brooklyn never had a master plan they keep developing by following the old properties lines and those effects can be since today in Brooklyn. If Brooklyn had a master plan or got a sample of the master plan Manhattan was using it would of made a huge difference for Brooklyn because they would have had something to follow instead they and that lead to all the struggles Brooklyn went through that can be seen today.