Im this reading Ching speaks about masonry wall sections, stone masonry , structural steel framing, window elements,and wood windows. Masonry wall sections is supposed to illustrate how concrete, steel, wood floor and roof systems are supported by and tied to various types of masonry bearing walls.Stone masonry is Natural stone that is durable, and a weather-resistant construction material that may be laid in mortar much like clay and concrete masonry units to make both bearing and nonbearing wall. Structural steel framing is Conventional steel-framed structures that are constructed of hot-rolled beams and columns, open-web joists, and metal decking. Since structural steel is difficult to work on site, it is normally cut, shaped, and drilled in a fabrication shop according to design specifications, this can result in relatively fast, precise construction.Window elements are important while selecting a window because you have to look for window that provides Natural light and ventilation of habitable spaces,Thermal insulation value of the window assembly ,Structural resistance to wind loads. Lastly Wood frames are thicker than aluminum or steel frames, but they are also more effective as thermal insulators. The frames are usually of kiln-dried, clear, straight-grain wood, factory-treated with a water-repellant preservative. The wood may be stained, painted, or primed for painting on site. To minimize the need for maintenance, the majority of wood frames are now clad with vinyl or bonded to acrylic-coated aluminum sections that require no painting.