Ching talk about Masonry Wall Section and how should the bearing area of masonry be propotioned so as not toexceed the allowable compressive stress of the masonry material. And shows us the concrete masonry bearing wall, cavity wall and reinforced bick masonry wall. Referring to ching’s book we have different types of natural stone for example Random rubble, Coursed rubble,Squared rubble, Random ashlar, coursed ashlar and others. Natural stone may be bondedwith mortar and laid up in the tradional manner as a double faced loadbearing wall. In  Ching’s book he listed all the Window Elements for instant the Casing Trim, widow frame and Rough opening. He also talkes about window operation depending on the window type if it’s Fixed, Sliding , Casement and many others depending on it’s ventilation. And how it could be different in Wood Windows due to the head, jamb, structural mullion ans sill. As it was mentioned in Fundamentals of Building construction Materials and Methods for egress doors and accessible doors that, many doorways act as components of a buildings egress system, path that occupants take when exiting during emergency. 2 doors and each with a fire protection rating 1and a half hours installed on opposite sides of the same opening fire wall , shall be deemed equivalent in fire protection rating to one 3 hour firedoor.