I apply to many internships and Impremedia contacted me, asking if I would come in for an interview. The day of the interview, I showed up and spoke with Mr. Jorge Ayala. He interview me and saw my portfolio and it seem he was impressed. They didn’t really ask me any basic questions, like where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why do you want to work with us? They just said we want to you to work with us and asked when can you start.

I just got excited to start.

The Company

I intern at Impremedia at one metrotech center in downtown Brooklyn. Impremedia is a media company and it publishes Hispanic newspaper, directories, and magazines. I’m a graphic designer here and I currently designing their media kit to present to clients, when they have their meetings. I also design other PowerPoint presentations for clients trying to sell advertising in our newspaper or magazines.

I feel like that is a huge reasonability, being the one who show the clients what they company represents visually.

One client would be McDonalds or MetroPCS,