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On Fridays I like to stay past 6pm, just because I want to show them that I enjoy working there and that I’m not going home until its finish or at least want to get it done as soon as possible. I would show up around 10pm to my job. I know that is kind of late, but that is when the people in the office usually start showing up. I feel that is okay to do. Usually the office is very quiet, but there are days when people are being loud and I need to focus on my own work to do, so I would wear headphones on and play music. My supervisor doesn’t have a problem with this because he see that I’m getting the work done and he understand how “artist get work done” When everyone is in work mode, people won’t talk to anyone for a few hours and it does getting boring for a while. Around 6 pm is when everyone is starting to leave and get ready for the weekend. I like to stay after to work on home that I need to catch up or just keep working the project.