Since I’ve started going here at City Tech, I’ve worked on many projects I’ve enjoyed and had some challenges. Here are some projects I’ve done.


In my Communication Design 1 class, my assignment as to make a magazine for artist. I wanted to make a men’s artist/ fashion/ fitness magazine. I made my Magazine.


For my Raster/ Vector class, my assignment was to pick a movie and make a poster redesign. I’ve chosen a Spielberg classic, Jaws. I’ve wanted to give it a refresh modern look to the poster. Jaws Movie poster


In Typographic Design 2 class, my assignment was to make an interactive app for the iPad. I wanted to make a recipe/ DIY for coffee at home. It is very easy to use and it focuses on type. Choosing the right typography can make or break the rest of the design. I think I’ve chosen correctly. Ipad App


For this poster, I was assignment a poster for the Spring 2015 Literature Roundtable for the English Department. My Poster was chosen to be posted around the school. Literature Roundtable Poster.

I was inspired by a reading of Dinaw Mengestu’s Addis Ababa, 1977. Where at the end of the passage the father turns back to his family, leaving a last impression. So his family would remember him, while he was being taken away by African Soldiers.

Q&A Design for Typography 3 class, I was assigned to make magazine pages from Vanity Fair and Elle Magazine. To make the design as close as the original layout that was given. The third page was redesign of either Vanity Fair or Elle Magazine. I picked Vanity Fair. Q&A_Project



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