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A Typical day in my internship on a Tuesday. I can only work 19 hours a week so on Tuesday I work from 9 am to 2 pm. I would get to work before 9 and get my coffee so I’ll be motived to work. I would usually get to work before everyone, since they usually come around 9 30 or 10. I remember my first day I really early and they noticed that I came in before them. I would say good morning to everyone that past by my desk and eventually my supervisor would come in and ask me to go his office. Some days like today, he wouldn’t show up because he is a meeting in the city, or travels to other cities. Letting me know ahead of time, but its okay. I would have the same projects to work on.

When 2 pm would come around I would give a recap of what I did that day. Then I would head to my class that starts at 2:30pm. I would make a stop and grab lunch while I can.