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Learning Log 8 Depth of Field

I really like this picture that I shot because of the amount of blue that appears in the picture. The huge blue rock climbing rocks make for a very interesting background color and the smaller rock attached to it makes … Continue reading

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Painting With Light

Before you can paint with light there are a few things you must set up in order to do this task correctly. First make sure the room you are shooting in is dark and the background is also dark as … Continue reading

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Freezong Motion

In this photo there are many aspects that I like and I think hat work very well. First in the photo I like how most of the motion of the scarf is captured in this shoot.I also like the overall … Continue reading

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The Exhibit of Steve McCurry was a very different experience from many of the other exhibits I have every been to. For starters the exhibit itself was not lit very bright at all but the pictures on the walls had … Continue reading

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LL4 Portrait Basics

When you take a portrait there are a few key factors one should consider. In a portrait photo you should make sure the lighting establishes what kind of photo you want to shoot. Also one should consider the angle of … Continue reading

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LL3 Light Direction

Adding light to nearly any composition can change the intensity or mood of a certain photo. Many technique can be used when adding light to a composition. If your light is spread out on a subject, that subject will appear … Continue reading

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LL2- Compostion

I like this photo that our group took a lot because I think of all the pictures we have taken, this photo captures a lot of tension. Even though the bottom of the chair is all black, you can see … Continue reading

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HW#1 Photo Description

The photograph I choose was by Matthew Pillsbury, captioned Sandcastle Competition 2, Coney Island. This is a photo taken of a Sandcastle on Coney Island’s beach. The photo captures this very well detailed sandcastle on top mountain of sand. I … Continue reading

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LL 1- The Thing Itself

In “The Thing Itself” the difference between what is shown in the photograph and the photograph itself is that photograph does not always accurately express what the circumstances of an event. While the photo may be showing something joyfully and … Continue reading

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