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Weronika Jurski
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Hospitality Management
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Economics, Business, Languages, Communication, Culture


Weronika is a student at City Tech college, studying Hospitality management. She currently works as a full-time real estate agent/broker. Her duties as an agent are to be interactive, friendly, and courteous to clients. Weronika studies and sells/rents properties for clients that are relocating. This means she is always in constant contact with various people and she has to know how to be responsive. Everyones preferences are different and she has to find a way to satisfy them in each and every way. She has to know and study an area well before showing it, that includes local retail establishments, transportation distance, and overall neighborhood perks. This major will help Weronika increase her communication skills, and interest in different cultures. Weronika is a certified translator that speaks and writes fluently in Polish, she is now working on her Russian. She enjoys traveling, spending time with people, cooking, and reading. She is a strong believer in teamwork, and her overall goal is to help people achieve their goals.

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Intro to Food Service Management Spring 18

Intro to Food Service Management Spring 18

A two-part foundation for food and beverage management, focusing on culinary math and procurement methods. The culinary math component focuses on accurate measurement, portion controls, recipe conversions, product yields, and inventory methods. Current market and procurement trends are explore, with an emphasis on product identification.



An overview of the history, likely directions and organizational structure of the hospitality industry and its role in local, national and global economies. Students are introduced to the nature and scope of the hospitality industry, basic terminology, management concepts, career path explorations and the department’s mission and culture.

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