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Prof. Edelson
1121|Spring 2022

English Composition II

ENG 1121 Composition II D435, SPRING2020

ENG 1121 Composition II D435, SPRING2020

Jennifer Charles
ENG1121|Spring 2020

Welcome to ENG 1121! This course builds on its prerequisite ENG 1101 as part of the first-year writing program. As we embark on this journey, you will deepen your analysis and understanding of writing and rhetoric […]

ENG1121 English Composition 2, FA2020 OL70

Jessica Penner
ENG1121|Fall 2020

Together, we will explore and write within new genres, conduct research, and reflect on our writing practices. By the end of this semester, you’ll be able to analyze and participate in genres inside and outside o […]

English 1121, OL41

Monroe Street
English 1121|Summer 2020

English 1121, OL41

English 1101 Fall 2019 Section 413

Monroe Street
English 1101|Fall 2019

English 1101 Section 413