ENG 1121 Composition II D435, SPRING2020

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ENG 1121 Composition II D435, SPRING2020
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Spring 2020
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Welcome to ENG 1121! This course builds on its prerequisite ENG 1101 as part of the first-year writing program. As we embark on this journey, you will deepen your analysis and understanding of writing and rhetoric as you explore new genres and examine how others create genres in response to various situations. You will develop awareness of the power of language and discourse in different communities, and examine research to understand how genres are reflective of our perspectives on varying issues as well as embody tentative solutions to real-world problems. You will also engage in conversations and reflection as you are given opportunities to write in a variety of genres across a wide array of situations. Throughout this journey, you will be provided with tools to help you be successful in your reading and writing process and build your awareness of your writing choices. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the rhetorical knowledge, skills and tools so that you are able to transfer them into other writing situations, whether in future coursework, the workplace, or your personal lives. In exploring situations beyond the scope of this class, our expectation is that you can become a successful writer in your college career and beyond.


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