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My name is Eni Sejdini. I was born in Albania. I came to the United States when I was ten years old. My current major is Liberal Arts and Sciences however I am pursuing Biology major and later attend Medical school in hopes of becoming a physician. My main goal is to obtain a PhD with a research concentration in genetic disorders, which include for further investigation in hopes of one day to contribute to modern medicine, and with my knowledge to help create cures for unknown disorders. Under the mentor-ship of Prof. Mercer Brugler at his lab at AMNH, I plan to better understand the complexity of DNA, in hopes of having publications done and bringing me one step closer towards my future accomplishments. My hobbies include playing volleyball and soccer, reading, and travel.

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GOV 1101 American Government Fall 2015 Perez-Rios

GOV 1101 American Government Fall 2015 Perez-Rios

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Strengthening Research Interactions through Digital Expression (STRIDE)

Strengthening Research Interactions through Digital Expression (STRIDE)

STRIDE is a digital infrastructure using the OpenLab platform that converges a variety of science resources and applications bearing a capacity for enriched engagement in research, and community building. More that a mere website for the NIH Bridges to the Baccalaureate at City Tech, it will contains the following components: • A resource center of digital presentations of faculty mentors research interests/profiles. • A multimedia library of faculty/student research project presentations. • An online journal of students’ scholarly works in research including the sharing of conference abstracts and papers. • Digital platform for an interactive research community that includes online social media.

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